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Chapter 1110 The Price of Love

  • Logan tilted his head while observing her. “But I suppose it has something to do with my status.”
  • As soon as he said so, Jasmine’s face was drained of color, as she couldn’t deny the truth in Logan’s words. Undeniably, his status did play a part in her choice, as she did give consideration to Logan’s familial background before dating him. However, her feelings for him were also valid. She loved him, and his familial background just so happened to match her expectations, so they got together without a hitch.
  • If he had to fuss over such details, she could only admit that his background was indeed a factor in her choosing him. To be honest, if Logan were to retain his personality but stripped of his status, she wouldn’t have dated him. Humans were practical by nature, so she didn’t think it was something to be ridiculed. Heaving a sigh, she told him, “I suppose you’re trying to force me to give up on you by talking so harshly. However, I would’ve gladly let go after we talked things through, so you don’t exactly need to humiliate me like this.”
  • On the other hand, Logan never intended to humiliate her, as he was merely stating the facts. Also, Logan was never a sweet talker, as it was his motto to be straightforward. He would refute anybody, including his elders, which was evidence of his brazen attitude. With a smile, he apologized to her. “I am sorry if it sounded like I was humiliating you, but that’s just how I always am, and I never mince my words.”
  • Jasmine clenched her fists under the table before saying, “Oh… Alright, I will be naming a price since that is what you’re willing to offer.” Sticking a finger up at him, she asked, “How about ten million?”
  • With an expression as cool as ever, Logan replied, “Sure.”
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