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Chapter 1109 The Love Between Them

  • Logan spent his time spacing out in the mansion till evening before giving Jasmine a call, as he was itching to settle things between them once and for all. Picking up, she asked him why he called, but she quickly turned him down as soon as Logan said he had something to tell her over dinner that night.
  • She told him she would be busy, so she wouldn’t be able to have dinner with him. Other than that, Logan was also told that she would be busy with school activities, as their teachers were planning to hold an intensive training session. Despite how serious she sounded, Logan wasn’t sure if she was telling the truth. In short, they made no progress at all even after the phone call.
  • With his phone in hand, Logan thought in resignation, Things would drag on if she kept on avoiding me. After some thought, Logan decided to leave the Constance Residence for Jasmine’s school, as he figured he should be able to intercept her there.
  • The students stepped out of the gates one after another when school ended. Puffing on a cigarette, Logan lowered the windows while staring at the school’s entrance. Soon enough, he saw Jasmine coming out alone looking somewhat crestfallen. Usually, she was energetic even when alone, always seen with an ever present smile on her face. However, she seemed down and obviously unhappy, which made Logan blame himself, as Jasmine wouldn’t be like that if it wasn’t for him. At that instant, he realized how unthoughtful and arbitrary he had been.
  • Logan went after Jasmine after getting out of the car, but she saw him before he got to her. His presence seemed to have surprised her, as she took a step back out of reflex. Puffing on his cigarette, Logan seemed lackadaisical when he suggested, “We should have dinner together even if you’re busy.”
  • The serious expression he wore seemed to indicate he wasn’t about to accept a refusal from Jasmine. She clutched onto her bag before agreeing in hesitation, as she figured she wouldn’t be able to hide from him forever. Afterall, what was bound to happen would be inevitable.
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