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Chapter 1107 Not Romantic Feelings

  • Things weren’t as straightforward as it seemed. He assumed that things would clear up as soon as he broke up with Jasmine, but he forgot that Lola also had her own baggage to deal with. The realization only further frazzled him, as falling for someone who hated him would be nothing but troublesome.
  • On the other hand, Belinda knew Logan wouldn’t be able to answer her questions regarding Lola, so she turned to inquire about his father. Although they knew he was hospitalized, they didn’t know the specifics of it. Chuckling, Logan replied, “He is in great shape, and he seems to have a great appetite.” In fact, Logan didn’t think he needed to be hospitalized at all, as his father seemed to be in the pink of health when he dropped by to visit. He sure didn’t show any symptoms at all.
  • Belinda nodded before commenting, “It’s great that he’s doing well. With his age, it’s hard to tell what will happen in terms of his health, so you should spend more time with him.” With a nod, Logan agreed with Belinda. Meanwhile, she stared at him before saying all of a sudden, “By the way, Logan, how are things between you and your girlfriend? Your father must be feeling anxious about your progress.”
  • There was a momentary pause on Logan’s side as he wasn’t sure how to answer that. His father was indeed feeling anxious for him, or else he wouldn’t be constantly asking about it, but it didn’t help the situation at hand, as his relationship with Jasmine was practically doomed.
  • He knew he needed to clear things up with Jasmine, for he was well aware that he was the one who made the wrong move. In hindsight, he realized he didn’t harbor any romantic feelings toward Jasmine, nor did he care much about their relationship.
  • The lack of pressure was precisely why the relationship progressed smoothly until now. However, he assumed that was what romance was as he didn’t know better back then due to his lack of experience in relationships.
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