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Chapter 1105 Does She Know?

  • However, Lola figured Logan would never fancy her, since they were never on good terms to begin with, which left Lola feeling anxious as she had a hard time figuring things out. Meanwhile, she was seemingly ignorant of what was happening outside, as she somehow felt quite confident in his abilities. With how much of a scoundrel he was, even people of status couldn’t do anything to him, say less of the lowly folks.
  • Sure enough, the group of people left in disappointment. They didn’t hurl insults, nor did they issue threats, but they were certainly unhappy and discontented. With his hands in his pockets, Logan watched them leave, whereas the fitness trainers began approaching him after the men left. Earlier, the trainers fled for safety because of the sheer number of people that barged in. Now that they came back in, they began showering him with words of praise, as it was indeed quite the feat to single-handedly defeat ten or so men.
  • However, Logan wasn’t interested in hearing any of those, as the waiters who worked in his clubhouse could do a way better job of it, so he was already immune to their praises. After some time, he turned to get back into Lola’s office, where she was sitting in front of the computer with a serious look on her face. Giggling, Logan sat back in his chair before speaking up in a cheeky manner. “Darling, I chased all of those men away, so please praise me!”
  • In the gentlest way, Lola opened her mouth and told him, “F*ck off.” This was the best response she could give him for now, for she really couldn’t think of anything else to say.
  • Logan was chuckling so hard that he was trembling all over. Seemingly being reminded of something, Lola sat upright while facing him. “Does Miss Xanthos know what you’re doing?”
  • Upon mentioning her, Logan’s smile froze. He wasn’t sure what to say, as in a strict sense, he hadn’t actually broken up with Jasmine. However, from what he could recall, they didn’t get together officially either. Heaving a sigh, Logan said, “I will clarify everything with her.”
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