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Chapter 11 Rejection

  • Instead of going down right away, Sophia leaned against the window to watch for a bit. They would need a lot of preparation time for this banquet, making it pointless to go now. But first, Sophia took a few selfies and posted it on her Facebook.
  • She smiled brightly for the photo, and her braids looked cuter than ever. Sophia was in her prime after all, so there was no need to turn on any filters, for she was naturally beautiful. She stared at her photo for a moment before turning it off. The photo was posted despite her knowing nobody would see it, for she didn’t have a friend list anyway. All the people on her friend list were the Constances, though she wondered if they had unfriended her.
  • She kept on watching until night had fully descended, and the noise had escalated. Now, she stretched herself fully and went out at her own pace.
  • The banquet had started when she arrived. There was even a stage the management set up for their customers. There were already people dancing on the stage, while everyone else cheered. Tables were set around the place, decked out with snacks and wine. Sophia went around to see if there was a spot for her, but everywhere was full. She wasn’t in a rush though, so Sophia sauntered.
  • When the staff noticed her, he came up and said, “Are you alone, miss? Here’s a seat for you.” He pointed at a table.
  • It was rare to see a table with only four people, and all of them were women. Sophia nodded. “Thank you.” She then went to take her seat. The women were probably in a clique, so they only glanced at Sophia before resuming their conversation. Even so, Sophia remained unperturbed as she poured herself a glass of wine and leaned back to enjoy.
  • However, a man came to hit on her not long after she sat down. “Good evening. Do you mind me sitting here?” He was holding a glass of wine.
  • Sophia looked around her. Because the other women were huddled together, there was space around her. “I don’t.” She arched her eyebrow.
  • He sat down beside her and looked at the stage before chatting with her. “Are you here by yourself? I don’t see you talking to anyone.”
  • Sophia grinned. “Yes, I am.” The other women looked at her, then they looked away. Adam and Eve, not Zelda and Eve, they said. Women would hate gorgeous women for no reason at all.
  • The man smiled. “What a coincidence. I came here myself, too. Why not? I thought, then when I came here, boom, they have a bonfire banquet. Interesting.” Sophia only looked at the stage and said nothing. She was quite some distance away, so she couldn’t see the dance they were performing. A moment later, the man leaned closer to her. “Since you’ll be staying here for a few days, and we’re both by ourselves, why don’t we go out tomorrow?”
  • Sophia turned around and smiled at him. Her phone was on the table before her, and it vibrated a couple of times. It was a message from Zack, though he only sent a request for her to share her location. Sophia didn’t know this existed, though she saw the yes or no button. She wanted to decline the request, but something struck her, so she accepted it. A moment later, her location marker started blinking, much to her confusion, but then she kept her phone.
  • Meanwhile, the man kept on talking, “I checked all the guides about this place, and there are a few interesting places here that we can go—”
  • Sophia raised her glass. “Let’s drink.”
  • The man paused for a moment before giving her a toast. When they had finished their wine, he refilled Sophia’s glass for her. “How old are you now? You look like a fresh graduate, so are you here for your graduation trip?”
  • Sophia raised her eyebrow. “Do I look like a student to you?” Her dimples showed up when she smiled, and it drew the man in as he stared at her for some time.