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Chapter 1093 Misunderstood

  • Lola threw him a look, her expression disdainful. “Did you think I’m the same as you? I’m looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with, so I’ve naturally got to treat it seriously.”
  • Logan’s lips turned down. “What do you mean by being the same as me? You make it sound as though I’m not serious.”
  • At this, Lola burst into laughter. “Do you really like Miss Xanthos? Logan Jefferson, put your hand on your heart and tell me whether you truly like her. When you see her, do you feel happy? Excited? Your heartbeat accelerating?” From the few interactions I’ve seen between him and Jasmine, he treats his friends even better than his girlfriend. Plus, he’s exceedingly perfunctory with her most of the time.
  • Feeling startled, Logan then carefully mulled over those few questions she proposed. The answer to all of that seems to be no. But does that mean I don’t like her? I think I like her quite a bit. After all, she’s got a mellow personality and temper, so I don’t feel burdened when I’m with her. I don’t need to concern myself with her demands, nor do I have to figure out her thoughts. Doesn’t it mean that I like her when I don’t need to think too much when I’m with her? After pondering for some time, he then asked her, “What about you? Do you experience all these feelings when you’re with that man?”
  • Just great! He’s again throwing the question back at me. Lola frowned. “You’re truly infuriating!” From that point onward, she had nothing else to say.
  • Since the conversation had turned sour, they both didn’t say anything further, merely waiting for the food. However, Logan’s cell phone rang with a call from Lorraine just after they’d taken a few bites. Thinking that something had happened to his father again, he hurriedly took the call, only to be greeted by her cheerful voice. “What are you doing? Having lunch?”
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