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Chapter 1083 Misgivings

  • At the side, John was also a tad exasperated at Logan’s demeanor. Although he was a man, meaning that he probably wasn’t as sensitive or perceptive as a woman, he could still see the difference in Logan’s treatment of Lola. He thought, Perhaps he himself isn’t aware of these changes. After all, he isn’t all that great at hiding his emotions but wears his heart on his sleeves, so much so that people around him could perceive the anomaly. It’s actually fine if he’s single, but the thing is, he now has a girlfriend! Thus, this is rather troublesome.
  • Lola sat upright, putting a bit of distance between her and Logan. Then, she scoffed, “You? I don’t want to damage your pride.” Her voice had once again reverted to her usual jocular tone, brushing Logan off.
  • This time, however, Logan didn’t go ballistic. He merely stared at her. “Just tell me whether you dare bet on it.”
  • Pursing her lips, Lola pondered for a moment before nodding. “Fine, I’ll bet on it.” She even asked him what the stakes were.
  • Without even thinking about it, Logan answered, “Anything you want.”
  • This daring attitude of his in staking anything for a bet was truly captivating, but it only caused Jasmine’s expression to change once again as she sat beside him. She pressed her lips together, her gaze fixed on him. A few seconds later, she slowly retracted her gaze and shifted it to the flowers at the side.
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