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Chapter 1081 Is He for Real?

  • Sophia was stunned. What is this fella doing? Is he confused about who his girlfriend is? He’s probably the only person who’d abandon his girlfriend in an unfamiliar situation to pick up another woman! She hurriedly made conversation with Jasmine and even explained on behalf of Logan, saying that he was only this concerned about Lola because he was feeling guilty that she was helping out in this somewhat dangerous matter for his sake.
  • Forcing a smile, Jasmine nodded. “I see.”
  • Sophia felt very much discomfited. Even with such a reason, I don’t think he should’ve done this! However, this affirms John and my opinion that he merely got himself a girlfriend to cover up the lie he uttered here back then. It seems that he doesn’t harbor any feelings for her.
  • Meanwhile, when Logan arrived in front of the gym, Lola was already waiting outside. She was dressed in sports attire, her face slightly flushed, probably because she was working out earlier. All in all, she appeared particularly energetic. Wounding down the car window, Logan beckoned at her, upon which she trotted over.
  • He stared at her for a good while. Inexplicably, he recalled Jasmine’s question earlier—do you like her? When hell freezes over! She’s not feminine at all, acting just like a man. How could I possibly like her?
  • Lola climbed into the car. As she fastened her seat belt, she urged, “Let’s go.”
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