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Chapter 1079 Utter Exasperation

  • Logan nodded. “I’ve indeed known her for quite some time.” He’d known her a long time ago, mainly because she’d been targeting his clubhouse back then, coming over to find fault with him every so often. He then considered it carefully, realizing that it’d been almost two years! Truly, I never had any idea before counting the days, but after doing so, it came as a huge shock! He’d been at odds with her for almost two years, but in the two months since she’d resigned, the grudge between them seemed close to unraveling. At the thought of this, he gave a bark of laughter.
  • Mildly surprised, Jasmine stared at him, not comprehending why he abruptly laughed.
  • Logan, however, nonchalantly remarked, “Actually, Lola is quite an interesting girl.”
  • Jasmine heaved a sigh. I really don’t understand what he’s thinking! He has complimented two girls in a row before me, his own girlfriend! Is he really not worried that I’ll get angry?
  • Logan was very garrulous when he spoke of others, even unabashedly relating how it was when Lola raided his clubhouse back then. He briefly talked about the incidents back when they were at loggerheads. As he spoke, he chuckled. “Who would’ve thought that our relationship now would be so amicable when we were at daggers drawn back then?”
  • Pursing her lips, Jasmine scrutinized him for a long time before suddenly asking, “Do you like her?”
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