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Chapter 1076 Miffed

  • They even phoned Sophia twice, requesting her attendance. Therefore, if that old geezer from the Bailey Family truly has a trick up his sleeve, it must be something with severe ramifications. I wonder whether Lola will be in danger then since it’s such a perilous matter. No matter how masculine and tough she usually appears, she’s still a girl at the end of the day.
  • Out of the blue, Logan recalled her injured arm some time ago. He couldn’t quite figure out the antsy feeling within him. It seemed as though it was worry, yet it also felt like restlessness and even slight regret. He just couldn’t explain it, but turmoil brewed within him, his heart clenching. For that reason, he didn’t even hear a single word Jasmine had been saying beside him.
  • Jasmine prattled on at length. When she finally turned and looked at him, she realized that he had obviously spaced out. Thus, she stopped talking, but he didn’t even notice that her words had cut off midway without any continuation. Her lips compressed into a flat line. After some time, she asked, “What do you think about all I said, Logan?”
  • After a moment’s delay, Logan nodded. “Not bad. Anything you want.” This was obviously a perfunctory remark.
  • Jasmine initially wanted to grouse a bit to express her displeasure, but as she gazed at his dispassionate expression, she couldn’t bring herself to say anything. It was as though she understood that even if she showed her chagrin, he wouldn’t cajole her since he wasn’t such a person at all.
  • She stayed in his clubhouse without bringing up the issue of leaving until Logan seemed to have thought of it when the hour grew late. He glanced at the time. “It’s late now, so I’ll have someone drive you home.”
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