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Chapter 1067 Consulting Lola

  • Logan had a good first impression of Jasmine. Even though it was their first time meeting, she was very gracious and did not act bashfully at all. That night, the atmosphere at the drinking session was great. Before leaving, Jasmine took the initiative to exchange numbers with him.
  • At that time, Logan didn’t think too much about it. As for the reason they got in touch after that, Logan recalled that it all started from his bluffing in front of Sophia. If he really wanted to get a girlfriend as soon as possible, the only possible candidate was Jasmine. Therefore, he bit the bullet and contacted Jasmine, who did not turn him down.
  • Lola nodded at his story. “Since you two are now together, you have to treat her nicely. Logan Jefferson, you left a bad impression on me before, but now, I believe you’re a responsible man.”
  • He snorted and said, “Of course.”
  • When the kitchen floor was cleaned up, the subordinate started to take care of the tap. He came over to ask Lola for a wrench and a screwdriver, so she quickly took the tools from a cupboard in the kitchen. Surprisingly, she owned a full set of tools.
  • Logan smiled at her. “You are quite well-prepared.”
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