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Chapter 1061 Outburst

  • John smiled and said, “Well, let’s hope things play out like the way you think.” As both of them proceeded to make mean jokes about Elder Mr. Bailey, they burst into laughter. Soon, Old Mrs. Constance came in from the outside and pulled their legs. “You two are really getting more and more inseparable huh.” Then, she mentioned William. “This son of mine has really forgotten about his mother now that he has gotten back with Matilda. I can’t even remember the last time I saw him at home.”
  • Upon hearing his grandmother’s words, John seized the opportunity and said, “He is living with Mom at the Flintstone Residence now.”
  • In response, Old Mrs. Constance widened her eyes while saying in a sarcastic manner, “Oh I see. What a ‘lovely’ husband he is! I never thought he would take the initiative.” Although she didn’t disagree with William’s actions, she was not happy that her son neglected her for Matilda. Like father, like son. After all, John and William inevitably go down the same path, only learning how to appreciate their wives after divorcing them.
  • When the meal was ready, the three of them made their way to the dining area. The moment they sat down, Lady Jennifer came into the house with a panicky look on her face. “Dylan and Owen are in a heated argument, and I can’t stop them. The whole house is about to collapse if they keep wrecking stuff!”
  • John quickly stood up and made his way to the backyard, while Sophia, who was pregnant, and Old Mrs. Constance helped each other walk there slowly. At the same time, Lady Jennifer nervously followed behind John.
  • By the time Sophia got there, Owen, John, Dylan and Samuel were seen to be in a deadlock as the living room appeared messy and chaotic. While Owen clenched his fists and glared at his son, Dylan only just looked away in a nonchalant manner. Despite the emotionless expression on his face, Sophia and John could tell that he wasn’t happy either.
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