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Chapter 1054 Logan Should Stay Single

  • After hearing that news, Sophia felt relieved for Ian, knowing that he would be able to free himself from the Morgan Family’s clutches once he got off to a good start in his career. Soon, she was reminded of a few others in the Morgan Family, so she gazed at Logan and asked, “What about the other few of them in the Morgan Family? Do you have any news about them?”
  • That’s a good question. I almost forgot about Ian, let alone those few others from the Morgan Family. Logan shook his head. “Nope, not much. While Sally is going to be free again, the last time I heard about Simon was that he got locked away by Bryce as punishment. Anyway, that brat needs to learn his lesson, or he is going to go around wreaking havoc when he gets older.”
  • Sophia responded with an affirmative grunt and a nod. “It looks like life hasn’t been easy for the Morgan Family as well.”
  • Logan then turned around and gazed at Lola. “Tell your friends in high places to investigate the Morgan Group. I’m totally sure that something is off about that company. After all, nobody’s hands are clean in there.”
  • Lola looked at Logan in a disgusted manner. “Worry about yourself, dude! If I were you, I’d clean up all the mess my club leaves behind first.”
  • Upon hearing that, Sophia couldn’t help but laugh at Logan, amused at the fact that no one else had ever rendered Logan speechless in an exchange of repartee besides herself. In the meantime, John seemed to be laughing as well while shaking his head helplessly. “Come on! Logan, you rarely give in so easily.”
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