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Chapter 1050 An Unexpected Passenger

  • Meanwhile, Logan set his eyes on the clock, ready to make his way to Lola’s gym once the time was up. As soon as he pulled over outside the building, he reached for his phone and was about to call Lola just before it happened to ring at that moment. When he found out that Jasmine was calling him, Logan paused and stared at the screen of his phone for a while, but he soon decided to pick it up.
  • Jasmine responded with a smiling voice, just like how she would usually sound. “Are you busy at the moment? Let’s have dinner together tonight.”
  • Logan frowned and said, “I’m meeting a friend tonight, so maybe…” Sounding somewhat hesitant, he was thinking of telling her that they should take a rain check.
  • Nonetheless, Jasmine beat him to it and replied, “Oh, really? Well, if your friend doesn’t mind it, I can tag along. After all, it’d be great for me to get to know more about your social circle.”
  • Upon hearing that, Logan was rendered tongue-tied as he couldn’t bring himself to turn the lady down, figuring that it would be too mean to her. In the end, he sighed and reluctantly agreed to her suggestion. “Alright, I’m going to pick up my friend now. Wait for me at the school. I’ll head over to where you are in a moment.”
  • Jasmine chuckled with a sweet and gentle voice. “Alright.” Before hanging up the call, she even reminded Logan to stay safe. “Drive safely on the road! Make sure you don’t speed, okay?”
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