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Chapter 1045 Go Astray

  • In order to be polite, Logan had no choice but to hum along to show that he understood what Old Mrs. Constance said.
  • On the other hand, Sophia chuckled after she listened to them talking before she went to unpack the food that Logan bought her.
  • Immediately, her mouth started watering as Logan passed her a paper napkin. “No one’s fighting with you for food, alright? Look at yourself. The look on your face is blinding me.”
  • Old Mrs. Constance stopped talking and turned to look at Sophia before she chuckled. “You should eat some as you haven’t been eating these ever since you got pregnant. It’s good to eat nice things when you’re pregnant.”
  • Since Old Mrs. Constance didn’t stop her, Sophia started her eating feast.
  • Logan was still around when John got home during the noon, as Old Mrs. Constance was still grabbing Logan’s hand and teaching him the right way to treat a girl. Meanwhile, Sophia sat a few distances away and munched on her scrumptious lunch.
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