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Chapter 1038 The Jeffersons Would Like to Meet Lola

  • Old Mr. Jefferson glowered at his son. “Brat, what do you mean? Stop saying you resemble me. You’re nothing like me. I have no idea why you’ve turned out like this.”
  • Unable to take it anymore, Logan rebuked, “Old man, watch what you say. If Mom comes into your dream tonight, she might beat you up!”
  • Burning with rage, Old Mr. Jefferson picked up a pillow and hurled it at him. “Brat, stop twisting my words!”
  • He’s so feisty now. Has he really been under the weather? Logan guffawed and dodged the pillow.
  • Meanwhile, Lydia’s eyes were fixed on the bag Logan had brought with him. After the men were done with their bicker, she asked, “Logan, was it a man or a woman who gave you this?”
  • Pretending to be calm, Logan gazed at his sister and replied, “Lydia, why did you ask this question?”
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