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Chapter 1033 Logan Never Contacted Her

  • After hearing what Logan said, Sophia had a better understanding of what happened. Logan is still so childish. I can’t believe he’s jealous of John.
  • She then replied, “Oh, you mean you’re afraid that John and Lola will get too close? Don’t worry. John is married, and he doesn’t contact Lola frequently, so I’m sure there’s nothing going on between them. As his wife, I’m not worried at all, so you shouldn’t be as well.”
  • Hearing this, Logan became exasperated. “Sophia, are you trying to be funny with me? You know that’s not what I mean. Don’t you understand what I’m trying to say? I’m not worried that John will hook up with Lola because they’re not that kind of people. That’s totally not on my mind.”
  • Sophia chuckled. “So, what are you mad at? Since you’re not worried that they’ll hook up, are you angry that they’ve gotten closer and ignored you?”
  • “No, no, no!” Logan hurriedly denied. He felt that Sophia would never understand him and thought that she was trying to mess with him. Of course I’m not worried that John will cheat on Sophia. Also, I’m not displeased because they’ve gotten closer. I just think that they shouldn’t ignore me since I’m their friend.
  • He then hissed at Sophia because it was difficult to make himself clear. His mood was still alright before the call, but it was now ruined again.
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