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Chapter 1027 A Car Crash

  • Faced with John’s question about Logan’s potential girlfriend, Lola answered, “Logan is an arrogant man, so he needs a girlfriend who can put him under control. I don’t think the girl I met yesterday can discipline him.”
  • John sized her up and asked with a smile, “So what kind of girl do you think can discipline a bad-tempered man like Logan?”
  • Smacking her lips, Lola replied, “He’s been doted on since young, so it’s really hard to find a girl who can restrain him. He needs a girl who isn’t into him and doesn’t care about his identity.” She then went on to say, “But a girl who isn’t into him won’t fall in love with him, so he’s destined to be single forever.”
  • She concluded that whoever got together with Logan would eventually get her feelings hurt. Logan was a scourge himself, so he shouldn’t even think about getting involved in any romantic relationship.
  • After Logan stepped out of the clubhouse, his mood remained gloomy. Then, he drove to the dance school and waited at the entrance for Jasmine to come out.
  • Since she was nowhere in sight, Logan lit up a cigarette in frustration, but he wasn’t even sure why he was feeling this way. After that, he fished out his phone and realized that Sophia had sent him a message to ask him how he was doing.
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