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Chapter 1019 Jasmine Is Not the Right Girl

  • Following that, Sophia said to John, “Ignore him. Hang up the call now.”
  • Logan widened his eyes in disbelief. Is this what a friend should say? Before he could utter a word, the call was hung up from the other side.
  • Seated in the car, Lola gave him a disdainful look and said, “Your friends are not even willing to come out to meet you.”
  • Turning around to shoot her a look, he fought back by saying, “As if you have many loyal friends!”
  • Hearing this, Lola was rendered speechless because, just like Logan, she didn’t have many friends. It was mainly because she was an upright person.
  • In the past, when her relatives wanted to bribe her, she would always reject them. Some of her relatives were involved in illegal trade, so she gave them a warning and even shut down their businesses.
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