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Chapter 1014 Lola Meeting Her Simulated Self

  • Looking at Lola's serious expression, Logan seemed to gradually understand the meaning behind that saying.
  • When he looked at her up close, he didn’t know why, but his previous prejudice against her seemed to recede little by little.
  • There were not many things Lola had to do today. After a former coworker investigated the shadow bank, the worker felt that there should be something bigger within the shadow bank. So, he contacted Lola and asked her to help. He wanted her to try and inquire about any other useful information from Young Master Logan. Therefore, she had deliberately taken the time today to discuss with this hateful man how best to obtain more useful information.
  • It was already nearly evening when the two of them were done discussing.
  • Logan was a bit busy this evening. He had an appointment to meet John, and he had also invited Jasmine on a movie date. So, his schedule was really packed.
  • After the discussion, Logan checked the time and suggested, "Let’s have a meal here together. John will be here soon, and you can talk to him in person if you have anything to ask him."
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