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Chapter 10 Rest and Relaxation

  • It was an hour long ride, for the hotel was quite some distance away from the airport. Sophia squinted at the hotel’s signboard before looking around. It is a good hotel. The beach was just a few steps away, and since it was early, it was full of people. Once she got out of the car, the bellboy held her luggage for her.
  • Zack booked a suite for her, and it was facing the sea. She went inside to take a look before opening the window, letting the sea breeze caress her. The bed was right beside the window, so she sat on it and looked out at the sea. Sophia tried to empty her mind of everything, including how indifferent John was toward her. They weren’t going to talk anymore, so thinking too much would just get in her way.
  • Someone came knocking not long after, though she took her time to take it. The hotel manager was standing outside, and he invited Sophia to the bonfire banquet at the seaside tonight. “Bonfire banquet?” She frowned.
  • “Yes.” The manager smiled. “We’ll hold one from time to time, and everyone’s invited.”
  • “Okay, then.” Sophia nodded.
  • The manager was holding a gift box. “You’re our VIP guest, so this is made especially for you. We took the time to make sure no two guests will have the same thing.” Sophia looked at the box and took it. The manager bowed at her politely, then he left.
  • Sophia closed the door and opened the gift box, revealing a sexy floral beach dress that was lovingly paired with sandals.
  • The dress felt nice to the touch, and it was perfect for the occasion, since she came on this trip to have a change of environment. She took a deep breath and decided to take a look tonight. After taking a shower, she asked for room service.
  • Sophia changed her clothes and scrolled through her phone to see if there were any news about her divorce. Thanks to the late Old Mr. Constance, her wedding was grand, and it was slightly newsworthy.
  • Now that they were divorced, Sophia was worried she would be laughed at, for it was a short-lived marriage. After a while, she still didn’t notice any news about her and John, nor did anyone find out about her divorce.
  • She heaved a sigh of relief, though Sophia thought this was logical. Having a divorce wasn’t good news, so compared to her, John would like it less if this were to be found out. The Constance Family had businesses everywhere, and their clout was immense. If the news about his short marriage were to be leaked, it would be a PR crisis.
  • That idea comforted her a bit, so when the waitstaff came for room service, she sat cross-legged on her bed and finished her food while enjoying the sea breeze. Her appetite was ruined on the plane because of how stern John was, so aside from that Cola, she had nothing else to eat. Honestly, she was getting hungry.
  • She went to sleep after her meal, and perhaps it was too relaxing that she only woke up at dusk because of the noise outside.
  • Sophia went to look outside the window, then she noticed the dense crowd working their way toward the beach. Oh, looks like the banquet is starting now.
  • This is a big hotel that has a lot of customers. I bet the banquet is a lot of fun. Sophia quickly went to wash herself up. I’m here for fun. Anything not fun like John or the divorce can go to hell.
  • She put on a cute makeup today, and coupling that up with her beach dress, she looked almost illegally cute. Sophia braided her hair and let them hang down her sides. Yeah, I look perfect.