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Chapter 99 Penelope Is Truly Loyal

  • Penelope became impatient at my hesitance. “You’re a man, so stop beating around the bush. Spill it.”
  • Embarrassed, I whispered in her ear to tell her about my solution. Upon hearing that, she questioned in disbelief, “Is there really such a thing?”
  • I answered in a serious manner, “It’s true. If I lied, I’d die in misery.”
  • “Well...” After hesitating for a bit, Penelope suddenly closed the door and took off her clothes. “In this case, we should stop wasting time. Let’s do it now.”
  • I asked in shock, “Penny, have you made a decision so quickly?”
  • “You’re my oath brother, so there’s no way I will let you die,” Penelope replied. “We have pledged to die on the same day. If this really can help you, I’ll do it.”
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