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Chapter 97 On the Verge of a Breakthrough

  • We decided to tie Scarlett up so that she couldn’t struggle when she awakened. After that, Queenie immediately locked her lips with Scarlett’s. I could feel that while Queenie’s cultivation base was increasing, Scarlett’s base was decreasing.
  • With the inner energy leaving her body, Scarlett opened her eyes immediately. Staring at Queenie in disbelief, she tried to struggle, but she was powerless to do anything.
  • Queenie lifted her skirt and said to me, “Come on, darling.”
  • “Alright.” I clenched her waist and started absorbing her base. In fact, both of us were absorbing Scarlett’s cultivation base at the same time. With the two of us working together, Scarlett’s base decreased much quicker.
  • As her base dropped from the Peak Yellow Stage to the Early Yellow Stage, I could feel that her strength was weakening as well. At that instant, I knew that I made the right decision by bringing her back.
  • I was already at the Peak Yellow Stage. After absorbing Scarlett’s base, I was just one step away from the Profound Stage. Eventually, my base stopped growing and got stuck at the bottleneck of my current stage. Frustrated, I asked Queenie, “Have we absorbed all her cultivation base?”
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