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Chapter 91 Lie

  • Today’s gain was definitely very beneficial for us. Not only did we manage to get Rhododendron seeds, but we also managed to get our hands on Materia Medica. These had completely filled our shortage with medical supplies.
  • I welcomed Hadley and Scarlett cheerfully and got them to stay for a bowl of meat stew as hospitality from the host. The next morning, I sent him off myself while Gordon arranged two men to go through Materia Medica thoroughly so that we could get the hang of it as soon as possible. These two were initially top students that wanted to get into medical school, so they were obviously better suited to learn this.
  • Then, I began to get busy again. Now that the scale of the village increased, it felt miraculous to watch as the village began developing itself slowly. However, at noon, two men ran over to us anxiously while we were still busy and started yelling, “Mr. Yates! We were tricked! It’s a lie!”
  • After looking carefully, I noticed that these two were the ones that were supposed to study Materia Medica, so I asked curiously, “What do you mean that we were tricked?”
  • One of the men was gasping for air as he exclaimed, “The Materia Medica is fake! Look!” He passed the book over to me, and I started looking through it in confusion. Then, he helped me to turn the pages to the back of the book.
  • I was dumbfounded when I saw the content at the back of the book. Only the first three chapters of this book were Materia Medica, while the contents behind were all Kama Sutra! My face immediately darkened as I threw the book to the ground and cursed, “That b*stard!” How dare that b*stard lie to me?! This is literally porn!
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