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Chapter 90 Something Good

  • Food and medical supplies were definitely the two most important things on this deserted island!
  • Right now, we already had our food supply, and we needed some sort of medical supply!
  • However, we couldn’t look too eager about it. Therefore, Gordon asked coldly, “Is that all? Don’t you think that it’s too much to try to use this to exchange for sweet potatoes?”
  • Instead of answering, Scarlett burst into fits of laughter. “Come on, you guys should stop acting calm. I’ve already decided when I was coming here, so you guys either take it or leave it. You guys are the ones that are seriously lacking in medical supplies, and we aren’t really worried about our food supplies anyway.”
  • Hmm… It seems like this girl is actually quite smart.
  • Gordon gave me a look. After I nodded, he gritted his teeth and agreed. “Alright. We agree to exchange our supplies with you. However, we want to test its effectiveness first!”
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