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Chapter 88 A Hero

  • The entire village that was still drowned in fear a few moments ago immediately became cheerful.
  • Although three men had died, none of the villagers were exceptionally sad as they hadn’t had time to build strong friendships with each other yet.
  • After burying the three men, we set up the pots along with the other villagers before distributing the bear meat excitedly.
  • Gordon walked over to the bear’s body and tutted, “This bear could easily weigh up to 300 kilograms.”
  • I asked, “How much meat do you think we can get from this bear?”
  • “I’m not sure since I’ve never done something like this…” Gordon trailed off. “However, it should be enough to last the entire village for a long time since our staple food is the sweet potatoes. It’s just that we now have meat stew as our side dish. John, get some men to deal with the meat after this in case it spoils.”
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