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Chapter 81 A Trap

  • “Nonsense!”
  • Queenie flipped out upon hearing my words. “You son of a b*tch! How dare you say that to me! Everyone, I command you to break his arms and legs to render him immobile. Then, I will make him come until he drops dead!”
  • As soon as those sea monsters heard Queenie’s order, they charged at me without hesitation. Nonetheless, I had already figured out why I’d lose in the earlier fight against them. It was because I didn’t know they could extend their tongues like tentacles. With that discovery, I began to take them seriously. Although they were charging at me at full speed, they still seemed rather slow to me. In a matter of seconds, I effortlessly dodged their tongues and swung my blade at them, landing my strike on them with ease.
  • Taking them down is going to be a piece of cake, plus they’re only stronger than ordinary people because of their long and tough tongues. Furthermore, these poor creatures are mindless, and I don’t mind putting them out of their misery. As soon as they collapsed before me, Queenie was instantly dumbstruck at the sight of what I did. When she felt the Qi Energy I radiated, she reacted in disbelief. “Y-You… have attained the Peak Yellow Stage?”
  • Bitterly smiling, I mocked, “You’ve been living in isolation ever since you ended up on this deserted island. Therefore, I figure you probably have no idea about what’s going on in the outside world. In fact, you’re probably the weakest person I’ve ever seen, so you should be grateful if you don’t get killed, let alone ruling the world.”
  • Upon hearing my words, Queenie was left with her eyes wide open and her mouth agape. At the same time, I walked toward her and curiously asked, “How are you going to feed yourself if you don’t get out there? Don’t tell me you ordered your minions to go out there and fish for you.”
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