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Chapter 80 You Suck

  • It turned out that I indeed knew this lady. She was Rosalie’s bestie, Queenie Langdon, who had usually bullied me with the former. Queenie was a girl with barely any sense of shame, which was why she was able to click with Rosalie. In fact, I heard that she had never let any handsome guy in school slip past her fingers. Damn! I can’t believe this is how we run into each other. Soon, I asked, “What’s going on, Queenie? Where is this place?”
  • She haughtily replied, “This is my kingdom! Since you’re already here, you’ll be my slave.”
  • “What did you just say?”
  • Upon hearing my question, Queenie rested on her bed and clicked her tongue, saying, “Ever since that incident, everyone washed up ashore, but I was luckier because I ended up in this cave. Do you know that there is a secret hidden in this cave? For that, I’m no longer the Queenie you used to know anymore!”
  • Her reply took me aback and got me wondering. Is this place some kind of heritage? After that, I asked, “Who are these sea monsters?”
  • “How dare you interrupt my speech! You will show me some respect and hear me out, you ugly filth!”
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