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Chapter 65 The Revelation

  • When Lucia heard that we were going to wage war against Brivey Palace, she was flustered. I could understand why she was fretful, so I consoled her that I had come up with a solution.
  • At night, after everyone was done with planting the seeds, I told them to take a rest. Then, Rosalie, Margaret, and I started sprinkling the elixir of growth on the land.
  • Unlike rice, which was hard to grow, planting sweet potatoes was much more manageable. Sweet potatoes were introduced to the Burgia during the Age of Discovery. Since the crop could be grown easily in large volumes, it helped increase the country’s population significantly.
  • After exhausting ourselves for the entire night, we took a rest beside the farmland and restored our strength by running the inner energy in our bodies. The next morning, when everyone awakened and saw the abundant sweet potato leaves, they were dumbfounded.
  • “Oh, my goodness. We just planted the seeds last night. Why have they sprouted overnight?”
  • “Am I dreaming?”
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