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Chapter 63 Teamwork

  • I bitterly smiled as I put Rosalie down and shouted at them, “Which of you is in charge in Gordon’s absence?” Soon, a young lady immediately showed up, whereupon she rubbed the dirt off her hands, brushing the dust off her shoulders. Then, she said with a soft voice, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Yates. I’m in charge here, and my name is Lucia Linville.”
  • I curiously asked, “Why are you calling me Mr. Yates?”
  • “Gordon told us to show you respect, so he forbids us from addressing you with your first name.” It was then that I realized that it was Gordon’s idea, so I decided not to make things difficult for Lucia.
  • Rosalie snorted and questioned Lucia, “Who are you to boss everyone around here?”
  • Lucia said, “Well, I’ve always been interested in architectural planning as my father and brother are both architects. When I was studying in university, I chose to register for the School of Architecture. Since we’re building a village here, Gordon assigned me with the task to come up with a blueprint and oversee the construction process.”
  • I smiled and remarked, “A girl who’s interested in civil engineering?”
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