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Chapter 55 Something Was Happening to the Three Girls

  • The mushrooms Rosalie ate were purple, and she simply couldn’t stop peeing after eating them.
  • On the other hand, Naomi ate the red mushrooms with white spots. After eating those, she clearly was having hallucinations, and it was difficult for her to control her desires.
  • Then, I looked at Melody. She had eaten the black mushrooms. At this moment, she had a look of pure calmness as she looked at Rosalie and Naomi entangling with each other.
  • Rosalie was still yelling, “You idiot, look where you touch! Margaret, feed me water! I'm going to collapse from dehydration!”
  • It was then when Melody said, “Why don’t you activate your Auspicious Cloud Heart Sutra?”
  • Rosalie cried, “How am I supposed to activate it when Two Face is clinging to me? Naomi, stop kissing me, okay? I'm begging you!”
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