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Chapter 53 Picking Mushrooms

  • I severely admonished Rosalie and told her not to look down on others like this.
  • Then, I curiously turned up a log in the forest and found that most of the logs were covered with mushrooms underneath. There were also many insects living under them. The darker and more humid a place was, the more abundant the mushrooms would grow. However, the problem here was that I couldn’t recognize these varieties at all!
  • Naomi suddenly picked a mushroom and gave it to me as she said in wonderment, “Look, this is so beautiful! Is it edible? There are a lot of these over there.”
  • This mushroom was bright red all over with some white round spots growing on it. It looked really beautiful, but I dared not eat it!
  • I said in a lowered voice, “It looks great, but have you guys ever considered that these could be poisonous? I’m sure there must be many people who have passed through here, yet these mushrooms still grow so abundantly. It’s possible that everyone didn’t dare to eat them because they are poisonous!”
  • Melody, however, had a different perspective. “Well, if you think from another angle, perhaps everyone simply thinks that they are poisonous, so that’s why nobody picked them. But in fact, they may not be poisonous.”
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