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Chapter 52 New Subordinates

  • Margaret’s words touched me.
  • Just like what Gordon had said to me, many people had already regarded me as the head of this team, so I must also set an example. I had to contribute to the team and make everyone believe that following me was worth it.
  • As I brought everyone out, Gordon wanted to bring us to meet the group of new subordinates.
  • The location was chosen on a plain outside the base of Thrashing Knives Sect, where it was full of overgrown weeds. There was a large forest next to it, where one could harvest materials.
  • When I met these people, I honestly didn’t know any one of them. Gordon told me that these people were all from the class for top students, so it was normal that I didn’t know them.
  • There were only a few such classes in the school. It was obvious that those students who did well academically at school had suffered some difficulties in this kind of place, but they still worked hard to survive.
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