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Chapter 5 The Battle in the Night

  • Anger and desire intertwined within me. I want this b*tch, Rosalie Yates, to pay! Didn’t you scorn me for being ugly? Well, I simply want to make you my woman!
  • Kneeling on the ground, Melody implored me loudly. Subsequently, she took off her clothes and said, “Let her go and take me instead, Jonathan! I’ll satisfy you! I’ll bring you to heaven, but please let her go!”
  • Cutting her a look, I sneered, “Dream on! This is my revenge!”
  • Her mind having been splintered from the torture, Rosalie muttered dazedly, “Dad… Save me, Dad…” At this moment, it felt as though I was stabbed in the heart. I recalled Matthew’s care toward me all these years. I have no parents. It was Uncle Matthew who raised me! It wasn’t because I grew soft-hearted that I spared Rosalie. Rather, it was because Matthew once told me that a man must be indomitable! Even my name, Jonathan Yates, was one he gave me, saying that it doesn’t matter if a man is born poor, for the most important thing is to be a gentleman! He has long since regarded me as his own son, yet are my actions now… in line with his teachings?
  • All my desire vanished. Clenching my hand into a fist, I brutally smashed Rosalie’s face again and again. “You’re such a b*tch! I’d put up with the two of you for so many years, yet why didn’t you give me a chance? Why do you want to kill me?” I packed all my strength into every punch.
  • Wailing from my beating, Rosalie keened loudly, “I’m sorry! I was wrong! Please don’t hit me anymore!”
  • “What a b*tch! You’ve insulted me for so many years, and you still wanted to consign me to death! I won’t let you off the hook so easily!” Again, I spat on her face before lunging forward and biting her lip. Utterly terrified, Rosalie didn’t even dare fight back. Instead, she stuck out her tongue and responded to my kiss. How sweet… D*mn it, how could she be so beautiful, and her saliva so sweet? I really like her a lot. Actually, I’m the deplorable party here! She regards me as a toad, yet I’d been harboring feelings for her all these years just because she’s breathtakingly stunning! I’m simply a lousy wretch! However, the moment I knew that she wanted me to die, my feelings for her had evaporated into nothingness!
  • I then bit her lip hard, splitting her lip so that she’d bleed. “I want you to remember this lesson!” I barked viciously. At this exact moment, however, something hit me on my back hard. Could it be Melody Ziegler? My head snapped back in pain, only to be greeted by the sight of a moving beam of light. It turns out that someone is directing a flashlight over with a cell phone!
  • “F*ck! D*mn you, ugly b*stard! Let go of my girlfriend!” It’s Rosalie’s boyfriend, Dante Thornton!
  • The moment Rosalie spotted him, she instantly howled, “Save me, Dante!”
  • When I caught sight of Dante, a sliver of fear instinctively crept into me because he’d always picked on me with Rosalie. He was one of the boys in class, wealthy and good-looking, his righteous personality a hit with the girls. However, his righteousness is just for show! He has insulted me for three years with Rosalie, yet our classmates merely turn a blind eye to his behavior just because he’s the charming prince, while I’m the hideous beast! Now that he has caught me sexually assaulting his girlfriend red-handed, he definitely won’t let it slide! However, I was on the brink of insanity, so I roared at him, “I’m not an ugly b*stard! I have a name, and it’s Jonathan Yates! I want all of you who picked on me to pay! Yes, I assaulted your girlfriend! If you have an objection to it, come and kill me!”
  • His hands clenching into fists, Dante smirked lividly. “Okay! I’ll come and kill you now!” After saying that, he jumped down since such a height was nothing to him. His family had the money to pay for a trainer, and he liked working out, so he had bulging muscles all over. As for me, on the other hand, since Melody had never fed me a decent meal since young, it was already considered a great miracle that I hadn’t starved to death. While I was sufficiently strong to subdue a weak girl like Rosalie, I was pathetic before Dante since I was all skin and bones. Striding toward me like a mountain, Dante shoved me hard, and I fell to the ground right away.
  • “F*ck!” I’m not admitting defeat! Scrambling up, I went at him with full force, swinging my fist at him hard, hitting him on the temple. However, my punch didn’t even faze him. He abruptly lifted me up and mercilessly flung me onto the ground! My strength seeped out at the impact, pain radiating throughout my entire body. Hatred welled up within me, and I hated myself for not being his match albeit having given my all!
  • “Ahh!” Bellowing maniacally, I threw myself at him, but he merely scoffed and called me a worthless dog before landing a blow onto my stomach. At this, I hurled. Yet, I didn’t back down. Clutching his midsection, I bit his face viciously. I’ll never again allow anyone to bully me! Never!
  • Dante howled at the bite and punched me in the stomach with his fists. “Let go of me! Let go!” At his repeated blows, I grew increasingly weaker as my sight became dimmed as well. At long last, my energy was spent… and I slowly slumped onto the ground. “I’m going to kill you, you b*stard!” Dante cursed while covering his face with a hand. Then, he abruptly picked up a rock from the ground and lunged at me.
  • Opening my mouth, I cackled piteously, vowing that I’d definitely find an opportunity to kill him if he didn’t kill me! Upon hearing this, Dante swore. “F*ck! Did you think that I dare not do it?” Then, he raised the rock.
  • Meanwhile, I stared at him intently. If I could see my own face now, it’s certain to be brimming with hatred!
  • Out of the blue, I glimpsed a huge shadow behind him. At this sight, my entire body shook from fear. That’s… a bear! It’s the bear that ate Wayne!
  • Spotting the bear as well, Melody shrieked in terror. Unaware of the danger behind him, Dante probably assumed that she was frightened by him, for he even turned and stared at her thighs while assuring salaciously, “Don’t be afraid, Miss Ziegler! I’m going to kill this ugly b*stard right now!”
  • Melody crawled and dragged herself down, no longer caring whether her leg could achieve such a feat. Her vigorous action alerted the bear to our presence, and the massive brown bear lunged at us at once! When Dante looked back upon hearing movement behind him, he was stunned silly before attempting to flee. However, it was too late, for the brown bear swiped a paw down.
  • Oh my God! I saw half his face gone before he collapsed onto the ground. Stamping a paw onto him, the brown bear then let out a beastly roar at us!
  • Brr! Shuddering in terror, I could even smell its revolting stink! Rosalie, on the other hand, wailed and exclaimed, “Feign death! Mom, hurry up and feign death!”
  • Reining in my trembling, I said, “There’s no use feigning death! Let’s go, and move slowly!” I was making a bet, betting that this bear wasn’t hungry. An animal’s thinking is extremely straightforward, and it has no reason to attack us indiscriminately! Thus, I bravely got to my feet even as the bear was still growling at me.
  • At this moment, Melody abruptly burst into tears. “My leg is hurting even more badly now, Jonathan! Please carry me! I beg you! I’ve repented!”