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Chapter 49 Gordon Is Angry

  • I laughed bitterly. This was the Rosalie I knew. She wanted to be better than others, but she refused to make any effort on her own.
  • When we were back to the base of the Thrashing Knives Sect, we roasted the hare and talked by the fire. I wasn’t sure why, but I somehow found that I had become a little accustomed to life on this deserted island.
  • There was no academic nor financial pressure, and everyone led their own lives on an equal footing. It felt good.
  • Snuggling in my arms, Naomi closed her eyes and said, “Dear, it's so nice here. It's quiet and peaceful. No one is disturbing nor minding us.”
  • I stroked her head, then answered softly, “Coincidentally, I think so too.”
  • Rosalie huffed, “Whoever told you that nobody is going to mind about you two anymore? I mind about you!”
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