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Chapter 358 Eroded Morale

  • Gordon rode up to the city. Staring at Yuval’s body, he thundered all of a sudden, “Let me ask you, Loki Kingston, why did you drive him into a corner?”
  • “When did I do such a thing?” Loki then proclaimed coldly, “I merely wanted him to prove his loyalty to me since the two of you exchanged letters in secret. Did you really think that I’m a fool?”
  • Gordon gave a bark of laughter. “What a doofus! Did you really think that I colluded with Yuval Zach? I was just deliberately turning the two of you against each other. You’re really stupid, Loki Kingston! It wasn’t for the sake of proving his loyalty that you drove him to suicide. Rather, it’s because of your envy and arrogance!”
  • “What?” Loki was entirely shocked.
  • However, Gordon continued smugly, “I’ve never known him at all. How could I possibly know of his heroic deeds when he was a mere bandit? All you members of Black Python, you’ve all seen what happened! Yuval Zach has served him for so many years, yet he lost his life because of a trivial matter. Don’t you all know the kind of person Loki Kingston is?”
  • “Shut up! Just shut up!” Livid, Loki’s face flushed bright red even as he went to pieces. “The two of you were obviously conspiring to kill me!”
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