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Chapter 356 A Letter

  • Rose and I surreptitiously threw the old man’s body out of the city from the city walls. Then, I glanced at Yuval’s house. Although the door was closed, the windows were open, perchance because it was scorching hot. Thus, I tied the letter Gordon wrote onto an arrow before aiming right at the window and unleashing a Demon Slaying Arrow. As the arrow shot forward, it was a streak of light in the darkness, drawing many people’s attention. However, they didn’t notice Rose and me. Due to the swift speed of the Demon Slaying Arrow, they had no time to discern what actually happened, merely glimpsing a ray of light shooting into Yuval’s house.
  • Having done that, I said to Rose, “Let’s go.”
  • “Okay.”
  • At this time, some people were already heading toward Yuval’s house, failing to notice us who were concealed in the darkness. We sneaked up the city walls before scaling down and dealing with the old man’s body.
  • Actually, Gordon’s letter to Yuval was very simple. There was no mention of drawing him over to our side, merely disclosing that he’d long since heard of him and that the Royal Army’s attack on Black Python Stronghold this time was because they didn’t care about Loki. Besides, he also stated solemnly that he’d heard of Yuval’s heroic deeds, so he hoped to have a gentleman’s war with him. Furthermore, we also avowed that the Royal Army definitely wouldn’t take his life were the Black Python to lose, because it’d be an honor to battle with such a hero.
  • The entire letter was a commendation of Yuval, complimenting him as the best warrior in Black Python. There wasn’t a single word about him switching sides, merely Gordon’s immense respect for him as the military advisor of the Royal Army. After all, Gordon felt that he’d most likely be able to tell that it was a plan to sow discord if we were to outright sway him over to our side via the letter. One should never spell everything out because once all things were laid bare, the other person would then be able to make out one’s intentions. Conversely, if things were left vague, the other person would ponder upon it and make speculations.
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