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Chapter 355 The Infiltration Operation

  • Gordon prepared a set of clothes each for Rose and I, so it would be convenient for us to sneak in during the night. After putting it on, both of us looked as though we were one with the dark.
  • Instead of walking right down to Black Python’s stronghold, we made a detour and went around the back of the military camp. Slowly making our way down Sunray Hill, we turned to the other direction to move toward the stronghold.
  • The entire Black Python Stronghold consisted of two entrances—one at the front and the other at the back; on the left and right sides of the stronghold were just walls. The city walls were built of uneven stones stacked together, so it required some skills to get all the way up.
  • Even for someone like Rose, it was still rather tough. While we were halfway up the walls, Rose was exhausted to such an extent that she didn’t know how to continue.
  • Climbing next to Rose, I asked, “Are you alright?”
  • “I can’t see…” said Rose. “It’s dark and I’m not sure where to place my hands.”
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