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Chapter 35 Serve Me

  • I was instantly left with my mouth agape upon hearing that reply. Wow! I can’t believe Jovie has become quite the leader. Impressive!
  • Meanwhile, that reply didn’t sit well with Rosalie as she mumbled, “What’s she doing acting cute on this island?!” Fortunately, the other two arrogant ladies couldn’t care less about our reactions, turning around to leave after a short while without hearing Rosalie’s mumble.
  • I bitterly smiled and replied, “Come on. Don’t you have anything else better to say now that she is doing well?”
  • “Exactly! You can’t attack her just because you’re nothing like her.” Naomi quickly seized the opportunity to taunt her.
  • Soon, Rosalie reacted angrily and asked, “How am I nothing like her? Are you saying I’m not as pretty as she is? Jonathan, tell her who looks prettier. Me or Jovie?”
  • I didn’t respond to her question, thinking that Jovie and Rosalie were equally matched in their good looks. Nevertheless, Rosalie was outclassed by Jovie in terms of personality, considering how the former loved to throw her weight around, unlike the latter’s kind-hearted nature. Well, there is no way that Rosalie is going to win in this one! Instead of answering her question directly, I said, “Alright, time to eat now. We’ll check out the place later.”
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