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Chapter 341 Go With the Flow

  • In the dark, I came to the woods next to the river and cut down a few trees. With my current strength and skills, cutting down trees was an easy task for me. After removing the extra branches, I cut the trunks into smaller, curved pieces of the same size. When the shaping was done, I poked holes in the same position and inserted a piece of wood through it to fix its position. For extra security, I made the holes in three positions and inserted three pieces of wood through them.
  • The sky already started to brighten up by the time I was done and everyone came next to me. “Are we going back using this raft?” Celeste cried out in surprise. “But this raft looks a little shabby!”
  • “It is very shabby, and it can’t hold much weight at all. So Melissa is the only one going on it,” I answered. “Melissa, after getting on it, lie down. If you sit up, I’m worried that it might fall apart. Also, climb onto it instead of walking onto it.”
  • “Why is Melissa the only one allowed on the raft and not us? What about us, then?” Yelena asked.
  • “Your sister just got a little better and the water will take away too much of her body heat. At a time without any food to replenish our energy, she will easily fall sick again. We’ll grab onto the raft on the sides. Besides speeding up the raft, we can also hold it in place so it doesn’t fall apart.”
  • “I don’t understand what you’re speaking about. What body heat—”
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