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Chapter 339 Bewitched

  • Melissa’s breathing became increasingly rapid, yet it was tinged with a trace of weakness. She’s deathly ill! “Don’t you cultivate Auspicious Cloud Heart Sutra? Auspicious Cloud Heart Sutra can eliminate all toxins. Can you heal yourself?” I asked softly.
  • Coughing laboriously, she then said with a rueful smile, “The thing is, Master Yates, after Chiaroscuro Castello captured me and my sister, they ruthlessly destroyed our meridians. Even our elixir fields have been obliterated, so I can’t activate Auspicious Cloud Heart Sutra anymore. If I still had Auspicious Cloud Heart Sutra, I wouldn’t have taken ill.”
  • “They took things too far!” Naomi lambasted. “Help her, Jonathan!”
  • I was silent for a brief moment before finally admitting, “I might have a way to help you activate your Auspicious Cloud Heart Sutra.”
  • “What is it?”
  • “I’m sorry, but this is for your own good.” Dipping my head, I tenderly captured Melissa’s soft lips. Her alluring body shook, and she gripped my arms tightly. Now, I merely kissed her lightly, but I could clearly sense some Qi circulating within her.
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