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Chapter 334 An Ambush

  • Early the next morning, we resumed our journey. After the scare last night, Yelena became much more docile and dared not snap at me anymore. But as the saying goes, a leopard never changes its spots, so she’ll most likely revert to her original nature when she has gotten over her fear.
  • On the road to Flower Village, we chose to take a detour and travel on a small trail. The small trail was rather difficult to navigate, and we even had to dismount at places and traverse by foot. Since it was much slower moving, we only managed to cover half the planned distance after journeying for the entire day. When the sky grew dark, we had no choice but to stop for a break and finish the other half when dawn broke. This time, Yelena didn’t dare kick up a fuss with me anymore. Instead, she meekly lay with her sister.
  • Closing my eyes, I immersed myself in the world of cultivation. Hmm? While I was cultivating, I suddenly felt something off. There’s rustling from the undergrowth on both sides of the trail. Could it be the wind? Bafflement swamped me since I couldn’t sense a breeze. I abruptly opened my eyes. Don’t tell me there are wild beasts here?
  • When I had my eyes opened, I noticed that Celeste and Naomi had also been alerted to the situation. Instantly drawing my bow, I released a Demon Slaying Arrow in the direction of the sounds. The Demon Slaying Arrow whizzed out with a bolt of light, illuminating the situation ahead, and we saw a group of people moving about in the undergrowth ahead!
  • “We’re been discovered!”
  • “Then, let’s attack!”
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