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Chapter 328 Night Raid

  • Loki somehow bought what I told him, as he replied after a moment’s silence, “This is a misunderstanding. My subordinate molested your woman while he was drunk, but seeing that you hit him, we’re now even.”
  • “So is there anything else that you’d like to tell me?” I asked.
  • “No, we’re done here.” When Loki turned to leave, so did the rest.
  • After that, Naomi stuck her tongue out at me before giving me a thumbs up, which I recognized as her praising me for being able to lie through my teeth. Upon seeing them leave, I concluded, “Now that the commanding general has left, I suppose Tristan will no longer come after us, so let’s enjoy ourselves and rest for the night.”
  • However, there was a serious expression on Celeste’s face, as she seemed to have yet to recover from the shock. After we finished our meal, the prostitutes left us. Although they did suggest staying for the night, Naomi turned down their offer with a smile. The whole point of her visiting a brothel was just to check it out, but she wouldn’t possibly allow them to sleep with me. To be honest, neither did I want to sleep with them, as I wasn’t sure if they had STDs.
  • Drunkenly, Naomi leaned in my embrace with a mesmerized look on her face while she told me, “Darling, I like spending time with you. As long as I’m with you, my heart races.”
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