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Chapter 326 Undeserving

  • What he said brought a frown to my face. Although I didn’t intend to meddle in other people’s business, Naomi was my wife, so how dared he harass her in front of me?
  • There was a look of disdain on Naomi’s face while she walked faster in an attempt to bypass the man. However, he reached out to her with a sly smile on his face. “Hey, pretty, hold on. Why don’t you keep me company?”
  • “F*ck off!” I bellowed while giving him a hard whip on his head.
  • With a crack of my whip, I sent the man wailing in pain, whereas cries of surprise could be heard from within the brothel. “Someone hit the general! Everyone, come out! The general has been hit!”
  • A group of people hurried out from within the brothel, while some others gathered by the railings and windows, so we were soon surrounded by people. Meanwhile, the man clutched his head before yelling, “How dare you hit me, you bloody tw*t! You’re dead meat now!”
  • As soon as she noticed the crowd around us, Celeste scolded, “What do you plan on doing?”
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