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Chapter 320 Another Sabotage

  • Dorothea and I came to the Pavilion of Blades. She told me this was a place reserved for Elite Disciples, and every privilege we had was in here. Each and every Elite Disciple was here for business.
  • When we arrived, I saw that the place was similar to a restaurant. The disciples were sitting in groups around the tables, with pots of wine or tea before them. The resemblance is uncanny...
  • Dorothea smiled. “Sir, everyone’s here to make friends. If you want to chat with anyone, just go up to them. Of course, someone might come up to get to know you.”
  • “What do you mean this is where we can access our privilege?” I asked.
  • “Come with me, sir.” She led me into the restaurant, and I noticed there was a bulletin board here. There were many faction tasks on there, waiting for us to accept them. The points each task provided was also written on the bottom of each notice. “The tasks you see here are private and confidential. Please don’t tell anyone about them, sir.”
  • I nodded. “I see.”
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