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Chapter 317 A Scar

  • I patted her face. It was soft, bouncy, and just so… kidlike. Is she sure she isn’t a kid?
  • She said in a puff, “Hey, can’t you listen when I talk? Where are your manners?”
  • “Sorry.” I chuckled. “I don’t know what Primals are, but I think you’re cute, just like a doll.”
  • “Dang it! You don’t even know what Primals are? Looks like I need to drill some manners into you!”
  • Stretching out her arm, she tried to thump me on my chest, but her arms were too short to reach me. Angered, she said, “Fine! Let’s do this with my real form.”
  • As soon as her words fell, she suddenly had a growth spurt, much to my astonishment. A moment later, Judy became a curvy woman, her long robe becoming a sexy dress, her bountiful breasts almost bursting out of her clothes. At this, she huffed. “See? Who’s a kid now?”
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