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Chapter 316 Captain

  • After I scolded him, I asked the disciple standing guard, “How should I bail this one out?”
  • The disciple quickly answered, “What he did wasn’t serious, so you can just ask for his release from our captain. I’m sure the captain will approve of it.”
  • I nodded. “Can you take me to him, then?”
  • “Sure. Come with me.” The disciple led me deeper into the dungeon. After going past a long corridor, he pointed at the innermost jail. “Our captain’s inside, but I have to warn you about his temper; he’s a grumpy one. We would never disturb him when he rests, so you’ll have to go in yourself.”
  • “Your captain lives in the dungeon?” I was surprised.
  • “Our captain’s a serious one. There would be bailouts and jailbreaks during our last captain’s tenure. Honestly, he did a sh*t job. But ever since the new captain came, he settled all those problems. Vowing to whip us into shape, he even made this into his home. The jail has been renovated, so it’s actually pretty comfy to stay in.”
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