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Chapter 314 Suffered

  • I asked Gordon to take me to his firm. It was still in its starting phase, so there were only a few shops. It was already dark when I arrived, and his staff were arranging the merchandise on the racks. Pointing at a corner, Gordon said, “She’s there.”
  • I looked at where he was pointing and was surprised by what I saw. Queenie was tidying up the merchandise, her expression inscrutable. She was wearing a maxi dress, looking… conservative. She used to be a very liberal woman who wore micro skirts so men would look at her, but not this day.
  • Sighing, Gordon said, “She changed after the abuse, scared about everything.”
  • I nodded and went up to her. “Queenie.”
  • When I called, she turned back and was surprised to see me. “King Yates,” she greeted me.
  • Looking at her, I sighed. “Sorry for what happened. Something came up, and I had to settle it. If I were there, this wouldn’t have happened.”
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