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Chapter 305 Two Floors in One Go

  • Right after that, Sky Pavilion started changing as the ground started shaking, and three stone doors started rising up from the ground, blocking my path forward.
  • “These three stone doors are each stronger than another. If you can break all three stone doors, you’ll be able to head to the second floor.”
  • Learning about the criteria to proceed, I smirked.
  • This was certainly interesting. The first trial was literally a test of power and wasn’t risky at all.
  • However, I could also understand why Thrashing Knives Sect would do this as only capable people would be allowed to head to the second floor to avoid amateurs from dying or getting crippled here, so if they couldn’t even get past the first trial, these inadequate disciples could save their own lives.
  • Then, I took out my sword and struck ahead.
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