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Chapter 303 A Second Breakthrough

  • Rosalie sat on my lap and rested her head on my shoulder as the fragrance she gave off seemingly energized my mind. Soon, I asked in a soft voice, “You want to sleep here?”
  • “Yeah, I don’t feel like sleeping in bed.” She then closed her eyes and mumbled, “You slept in that bed, and it stinks. So, I’m not going to take my nap there.” I sniggered in response, finding her adorable to sleep in my arms rather than the bed, which I had slept in. She always loves to play hard to get.
  • At that moment, the pill’s effects had begun to kick in. Then, I closed my eyes, feeling my Qi Energy flowing through my veins as it tried to break the barriers for me to achieve the Mid-Profound Stage. Feeling the strong energy surge in my body, I could barely contain my Qi Energy. Nevertheless, my desperation got the better of me as I was afraid that the pill would go to waste if it failed to serve its purpose. Worried about that, I suddenly felt someone kissing my lips. As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw Rosalie’s red eyes with her sitting in my arms. With her tears welling up in her eyes, she bit her lip and softly berated me, “You’re a son of a b*tch! How could she be the first person you want to see as soon as you come back?! She is not even as pretty as I am. Yet you have the guts to take my pill!”
  • While the Path of the Solar Fire was running all over my body, Rosalie squeezed my waist between her legs. Sitting on me, she demanded, “I won’t let you get close to her, you son of a b*tch!”
  • Suddenly, I felt the Path of the Solar Fire seemingly reaching its maximum. After that, I opened my eyes and saw Rosalie with her blushed cheeks, probably because of where my eyes fell upon. Soon, she bashfully slapped me in the face and angrily said, “You’re a dog that doesn’t recognize its owner after wandering around! You’re a son of a b*tch!” Upon hearing that, I couldn’t help but feel bitter deep down. That insult was uncalled for, wasn’t it? After all, I only just wanted to see Naomi for a while. Anyway, Naomi and Rosalie are both important people in my life.
  • In the meantime, the Path of Solar Fire was surging through my body in an overwhelming manner, indicating Rosalie’s love for me. With the help of the Pill of Vitality, the Qi Energy kept breaking through the limitations in my body to the point that I could even hear the sound of the Qi Energies clashing with each other. At that moment, I knew I could surpass my limits and achieve the Mid-Profound Stage any minute.
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